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Dr. Andres

My main competencies are orthopedic problems – muscle and joint pain. I have worked as an operating traumatologist, as a US consulting orthopedist and rehabilitation physician, and as a chief physician at the Villa Medica private clinic. I have a good understanding of finding solutions for integrative holistic medicine and I am ready  to help you find the best solution for musculoskeletal problems. In most cases, chemical tablets, hormone injections and surgeries are not required, and a worn joint can be healed without a prosthesis. Surprisingly much can be done with video, in many cases you don’t even have to touch a person directly to diagnose. I diagnosed my son’s complicated wrist fracture while in Brazil using a video.

Feel free to book a video consultation and get quick and competent help conveniently.


Today, it is possible to find a solution to most health problems without leaving home – as a new option, we offer a consultation via video conferencing. The world’s experience shows that it is very efficient and saves the customer’s time and is more convenient.

To make a video meeting you need:

  • webcam and microphone;
  • high quality internet connection

Communication takes place at the agreed time via video in the Zoom environment. After confirming the booking, you will be sent a link to participate in the video consultation.

Specialty / keywords: orthopedic, muscle, joint pain