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Aili Lindmäe

The state of the hormone system is an essential cornerstone of good health. Hormones play a role in whether we are happy or stressed. The goal is to achieve a hormonal balance. Of particular importance is the hormonal system for women’s menstrual problems (cycle disorders, infertility, problem menopause). This is what AVIVA HORMONAL EQUIPMENT, whose exercises balance the production of hormones, and trigger self-care processes in the body, helps. Already after the first hour you will feel how your body starts to live. Gymnastics of Aviva helps to lower the weight of the body by balancing the hormones and, in addition to good health and happiness, gives the body a beautiful and toned body for the gift. An important role is the THERMAL HEALTH, which allows you to relax and achieve stress-free life, as well as stress-free maternity.