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"I have trusted Villa Medica for my arthroscopic knee surgery. I was satisfied with the procedure and I hope that long term results will be good as well."


Pasi Rautio, volleyball coach, ESS Pärnu Volleyball Club


"I have been visiting Villa Medica for prophylactic back pain treatments, top athlete can not risk with backache in the middle of the season. Doctor C. Pellas is a specialist hard to find. Thanks!"


Jaak Mae, Salt Lake City Olympic, bronze medal in 15 km classical skiing


"I have been suffering from arthrosis for years. I have been in Villa Medica for treatments twice and treatments results have always been excellent. Doctor Lindmäe suggested a medicin Arthrostop which has really helped me further - I have used Arthrostop for about 6 months, it has had a good effect. When I discountinued it, my troubles were beginning little by little again. Now I use Arthrostop again and I am planning to visit Villa Medica again."


Maija Kuningas, Finland


"We have taken treatment courses for hip-arthrosis 2 and 3 times in Villa Medica. Until now it has been possible to avoid replacement surgery. We recommend Villa Medica as a excellent private clinic for hip and back pain."


Pekka Frisk (Lahti), Juha Lampinen (Tampere)