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Aroma Therapeutic Massage

Aroma therapy is a form of healing with very old traditions. In aroma therapy aromatic ethereal oils from plants and trees are used to achieve health and wellbeing of the body and soul. Aroma therapy has a way of promoting happiness and satisfaction. The most important quality of the oils used is the ability to promote organisms ability to recover.


Aroma therapeutic massage is a part of aroma therapy, which effectiveness lies in the massaging of ethereal oils into the skin. With special massage techniques that are soothing and at the same time help to get rid of toxins, ethereal oils that are mixed with base oil are applied to the skin. The ethereal oils seep into the skin and enter the lymph- and blood stream and start to balance the organism. At the same time the organism contracts ethereal oils by the bronchial tubes, through the nose into the lungs.


After the aroma therapy massage the after-effects start to take place and the organism heals, purifies and the renewal of tissues takes place.

The ethereal oils are mixed with a base oil before being applied to the skin. The base oil consists of many useful compounds that nurture, soften and rejuvenate the skin.

The aroma therapeutic massage helps to relax and to heal the skin and the whole organism. Aroma therapeutic massage also helps to prevent illnesses.

During the session every customer is approached individually – the clients mental and physical state is analyzed and the appropriate oils are used.





  • Loosens painful and stiff muscles
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Helps to decrease cellulite and scars
  • Has an soothing, stimulative and balancing effect on the central nervous system
  • Balance hormonal fluctuations
  • Activates the lymph circulation and blood circulation
  • Balance blood pressure fluctuations
  • Encourages the output of fluids
  • Mitigates headaches
  • Mitigates appetite problems (excessive appetite, no appetite)
  • Encourages the output of toxins



  • Severe cardiac and kidney conditions
  • Malignant processes
  • Severe inflammatory diseases
  • The first 5 months of pregnancy
  • Contagious diseases, hemophilia
  • Problems with the thyroid
  • Fever, period of fasting
  • 6 weeks after surgery
  • Mental problems, epilepsy
  • Allergies
  • Menstruation (especially the first 3 days)
  • Intoxication (the procedure is not conducted 24 hours before or after drinking)
  • After using citrus ethereal oils it is a good idea to avoid strong UV rays (the sun, the solarium) for 12 hours.

Local contraindications:


  • Swells, broken bones, burns, wounds
  • in case of varicose veins gentle superficial massage techniques are used
  • In case of often occuring allergies or extra sensitive skin, a skin test is done. If during 24 hours no reaction occurs then the next session may be carried out with chosen oils.




  • Drink fresh water before and after the massage and also in the following days. This helps to remove toxins from the body
  • Spend time in fresh air
  • Balance mental and physical stress
  • Eat healthily
  • Avoid hard physical strain before massage
  • Not to come to the procedure if hungry or eaten too much



The ethereal massage oils have after-effects and therefore it is recommended to wait at least 6 hours before washing

It is not advised to receive the aroma massage if under antibiotics treatment



The duration of the aroma therapeutic massage is 90 minutes. It is possible to receive a 60 minute massage. There is also a 30 minute local massage which may be done to face, back, feet or arms.

If the massage is done for the first time, then an additional 30 minutes is added to the session. In that time the clients wishes and/or possible problems are discussed and the appropriate oils are chosen.

At least 7-8 aroma therapy massages are recommended. The frequency of the massages is determined by possible health problems and the customers availability. The aroma therapy massages may be conducted with a space of one or two days in between or just one or two times a week. It is also possible to conduct aroma therapy massages every day, in which case the effects will be intense.