Breast corretion

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The Second Revolution in breast enlargement

The First Revolution in breast enlargement was accomplished by American plastic surgeons F. Gregow and T. Cronin which applied silicone implants filled with salt solution or silicone gel. The basic technology of breast enlargement remained the same and only materials and forms and sizes of implants vary.


However, implants were not as good as we want and it’s not possible to reach good results in 100% cases of breast enlargement operation. The reason mainly not implants themselves, but variety of cases why customer want to increase breasts.


For example, if breasts were lost after amputation because of cancer, implants can give the desirable form, but there will be no result tactile sensations because implant is simply determined by touch. This is especially disappointing, considering the fact that implants are regarded as a foreign tissue by your body (although which lifelong guarantee in reputable clinics). According to many surgeons implants are necessary to replace for new in 13-16 years.


The Second Revolution of breast enlargement happened when system Brava Breast Enlarger, developed by American surgeon Roger Kuori was implanted for preparation for breasts enlargement with own fat (fat grafting).


Advantages of breast enlargement with own fat tissue (3D fat grafting):

  • fatty tissue does not cause pathological reactions in a breast,
  • fatty tissue is natural by touch,
  • fatty tissue does not require replacement in the future.


I consider the most perspective use of this system is to restore amputated mammary glands because of cancer.


Let's consider distinctions between different methods of breast enlargement.


Breast implants pluses:

  • Appropriate for the majority of patients to increase and correct the form of breast;
  • Result achieved fast;
  • It is not required to have special preoperative preparation.


Breast implants minuses:

  • Replacement in 13-16 years is required;
  • Risk of complications, though not as big, but is present;
  • Requirements for thickness of tissue;


3D fat grafting (breast increase with own fat) pluses:

  • No complications;
  • Natural breast;
  • Replacement in future is not required;
  • Appropriate for all patients including those with amputated breasts;
  • Possible to use fatty tissue liposuction areas.


3D fat grafting (breast enlargement with own fat) minuses:

  • Long preoperative preparation;
  • Some procedures to make.


As you can see, two methods of breast enlargement are not mutually exclusive, and can supplement each other. Also, combination of Brava Breast Enlarger and 3D fat grafting presents more possibilities to achieve the most effective results in creation of a beautiful breast.


Dr. Kijlo S.