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In cooperation with qualified aesthetic cosmetologist Mariliis Merimaa (Estetic Vipline OГњ) is now part of the opportunity for you to get the most recent facial skin rejuvenating of the methods such are the BDR facial treatment and age management technologies such as linear threads  (JBP V Lift) and quickly become popular Aptos threads.


BDR treatment 35 EUR - 80 EUR 
APTOS threads lifting
450 EUR - 2100 EUR 
JBP V Lift (Jaapan)   mesothreads  
COG (1 thread)
75 EUR 
MONO (1 thread)
20 EUR 
COG (from 4 threads) first time
300 EUR 
MONO (from 10 threads) first time
200 EUR 

We understand that you may have a difficult choice to make, therefore, you have the opportunity to come FREE of charge to the aesthetic consultation where our therapist can recommend appropriate methods to achieve the best possible result for you and youthful appearance without surgical intervention for years.


BDR Beauty Defect Repair is a unique treatment method that combines a variety of techniques. The treatments are tailored to every type of skin complaint and work by restoring and enhancing the skin's natural ability to renew itself. The result is an immediate improvement in the health, quality and appearance of your skin.
Beauty Defect Repair techniques include fruit acid skin peel, a BDR-patented alternative to microdermabrasion, micro skin needling, circulation massage. Combining all those non-invasive techniques with BDR professional skincare products makes it a safe and effective alternative to other treatments on the market.
Numerous dermatologists and professional cosmetics institutes have replaced previous cosmetic-medical treatments with this innovative method. And now it's finally available in Villa Medica.

Video of BDR treatment: BDR prodcedure

Age management technologies is a more modern aesthetic cosmetic methods, which, thanks to the development of the plastic surgery to replace many, such as the facelift,   sagging skin and face corrections. The lifting threads is the key of this technology . IN Villa Medica uses the products of most innovative and  the bestest lifting threads  - Aptos thread lifting methods and  JBP V Lift (Japanese threads).

Videos about  Aptos methods:

New Aptos Nano Vitis
Aptos Needle 2G
Aptos Excellence Visage


Video about  JBP V Lift methods:  JBP V Lift



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Mariliis Merimaa

Aesthetic cosmetologist