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Dr. Mart Eller - plastic surgeon


Dr. Mart Eller graduated from the Faculty of Medical Science of Tartu University in 2006 and the residency of plastic and reconstructive surgery as a plastic surgeon in 2011, so dr. Eller is one of the few plastic surgeons in Estonia who has majored in the residency of the corresponding faculty (the majority of Estonian surgeons using the title of a plastic surgeon have actually passed the residency of general surgeon). Since 2011 dr. Eller is also the doctor-lecturer of the General and Plastic Surgery Faculty of the Surgery Clinic of Tartu University. Dr. Eller has excellent professional skills and knowledge; he is a friendly, caring and trustworthy plastic surgeon who has committed his life to finding best possible solutions to your problems.



Dr. Georgiis Kociasvili - general- and cosmetic surgeon


Dr.Georgis Kociasvili graduated from the Faculty of Medical Science of the Medical University of Riga in 2001. Dr.Kociasvili has developed his professional skills and practiced cosmetics and plastic surgery in several foreign countries including Austria, England and America.
The surgeon is a member of several international associations of surgeons, e.g. 
-American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery, www.ascbs.org
-World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, www.waocs.org
-Latvian Surgery Association, www.kirurgija.lv

Dr.Georgis Kociasvili is an acknowledged and highly-appreciated doctor in his homeland and abroad. He is very thorough, has professional skills and knowledge, he is a very friendly, caring and trustworthy plastic surgeon.
It is possible to consult Dr.Kociasvili also via Skype, which is a very convenient and fast opportunity for those people who cannot come to the clinic. The doctor speaks fluent English, Russian and Latvian.


Aino Tammeleht - surgical nurse


Surgical nurse Aino has worked as a surgical nurse for 40 years. The surgical nurse with outstanding experience takes care of you since the first minutes of the operation, during the operation and sometimes even until you leave the clinic. Aino is always very caring; she has outstanding skills and knowledge. Her major tasks in the clinic include assisting the surgeon during the operation and nursing you during the night after the operation if necessary.


Dr. Karmen Koppel - anaesthesiologist


Karmen works as an anaesthesiologist in Pärnu Hospital. She has been in this position since 2005, so her work experience is really significant. You meet the anaesthesiologist on the operation day when you arrive at the clinic. Karmen has a thorough conversation with you to become convinced that your health allows carrying out the procedure. After the operation the anaesthesiologist takes care of you and does not leave the clinic until she is convinced that everything is OK with you.


Raili Rea - nurse


Raili is the nurse responsible for our clinic. She is very thorough, punctual and caring in her work. Raili has been working as a nurse in our clinic since 2007. Her main work assignments are assisting the rest of the operating personnel and supporting you. The nurse is the first person you meet when you come to the operation and generally it is her who is by your side until you leave the clinic.