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Termolipo is a technological breakthrough based on Radio frequency Selective Thermo Induction. The Termalipo procedure is recommended for clients with stretch marks, cellulite, lax skin, localized fat or with all of mentioned problems at once. The ThermaLipo procedure is:


  • Safe, gentle and pain-free
  • Reduces body volume by stimulating the synthesys of collagen, witch densifies the connective tissue and tightens the skin
  • Encourages the reduction of fat
  • Especially effective on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs , arms and knees
  • Best known treatment results for stretch marks
  • Visible results after first procedures
  • Excellent results have been achieved in clinics all over the world



Arms 40 EUR
Abdomen 40 EUR
Sides 40 EUR
Thighs 52 EUR
Buttocks 52 EUR


The procedure is conducted by a medically educated specialist. The specialist chooses a program best suited for your problem. If needed, additional supporting programs like mesotherapy, LPG are applied.