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LPG massage



Dear patients, let me remind you that surgery is only the beginning of achieving maximum beauty. Equally important are pre- and post surgery treatments. The method most recommended by plastic surgeons is:




Recommended before and after facial surgery and eyelid correction.
LPG FACIAL TREATMENT – stimulates the skin. Sensitive skin may also be treated. As a result the amount of collagen and elastine in the tissue is increased, swelling is reduced and hemorrhages reced faster.
The LPG facial treatment procedure lasts 25...30 minutes.
 The active course of treatment consists of 5...7 procedures (2 times a week)


Recommended after any plastic surgery:

LPG SCAR TREATMENT- the duration of the treatment is 10...15 minutes.

The scar treatment may be considered when the scar is at least a month old. The number and the frequency of treatment sessions depends on the length and amount of the scar. Scars that are more than four years old don´t usually heal. As a result of the scar treatment, the scar tissue gets softer, lighter in color and less noticeable.


Recommended after liposuction surgery


ENDERMOLOGY – a way to manipulate the skins subcutaneous tissue, which livens the superficial blood circulation, lymph circulation and metabolism.As a result of endermology swelling is reduced, the flexibility of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is increased and the emersion of toxins and excess water is increased. The LPG massage is painless, the rollers and the vacuum strength is chosen according to each individual area. The LPG massage is pleasant and soothing.




LPG massage contraindications are the same as any other massages.


General contraindications:


  • Malignant processes
  • Severe inflammatory diseases
  • Anticoagulative therapy
  • Diabetes with priepheral vascular problems
  • Severe cardiac conditions
  • Severe kidney conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast Feeding


Local contraindications:


  • Wounds
  • Hernias
  • Varicose veins
  • Protrucive birthmarks

The areas mentioned above will not be massaged, however other areas will, please inform your masseuse of possible problem areas.




Facial area 18 EUR
The body 25 EUR
Scar treatment 20 EUR
Cellulit treatments 32 EUR