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The best liposuction technology in Villa Medica


We have implemented unique technology for liposuction - vibration based liposuction - Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L ®) -  from Euromi. This system (which is the first and probably the only one in Estonia and most likely in Baltic States as well) makes liposuction procedure easier for the patient and also for the surgeon, minimises post-operation pain and swelling and improves results. Liposuction is the second plastic surgery operation in the world (after breast enlargement operation) and this operation is more and more popular in Estonia as well. If you consider liposuction operation, then check out the advantages of vibrolipo technology in this chart (click on chart to view larger image). The comparison does not include recently advertized laser liposcution branded as “smartlipo”, but this procedure can only be used for removing very small quantities of fat (for example under the chin). Conclusion - vibration based liposuction method is undisputably the very best method fro your liposuction procedure.