Villa medica

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Villa Medica is a private clinic established in 1996 to offer day surgery and special treatment packages for various health problems. Our main areas of expertise are surgical specialties – orthopedic surgery, general surgery,   plastic surgery. Villa Medica

In addition to surgical services, we offer expert   care for many medical conditions, and these specialties support   each other in a holistic approach of complex care for human health. 

The clinic is conveniently situated away from downtown city noise. Surrounded by parks and sports facilities, the Villa Medica is an excellent place for treatments and is suitable for spending a holiday as well. The Villa Medica has convenient in-house hotel rooms for recovery and relaxation after surgery. Pärnu is an excellent place for the clinic because of its well-known and long resort city traditions, its numerous spa hotels, its intangible and unique pacifying and stress-relieving aura.




If you want to experience that wonderful feeling of looking good and being healthy, Villa Medica is for you.

Andres Lindmäe, MD